piano lessons

growth & development


Imagination and innovation take many forms in lesson, and keep the learning process fresh and exciting! Games and mental challenges help students to see new perspectives in their approach or method of problem-solving.

responsibility & ownership


Active mental participation is highly sought in lessons since it develops a student's own independent "tool-box" of creative and constructive ideas, and encourages them to take ownership over their learning and music. 

expression & artistry


 From exploring how to communicate emotions, stories, and scenes through music to portraying different styles and pieces, it is special to see what every student brings to the world through their music.

Music lessons are not just music lessons - they're life lessons.

Piano lessons with Natalie are typically given weekly in 30, 45, and 60 minute increments. Please send Natalie a message to inquire about availability/tuition rates or to request current studio policies.

I'm interested

excerpt from my teaching philosophy

 "As someone who pursued the piano out of pure love for the instrument and its capabilities, I believe a teacher's primary job is to inspire their students and provide them with the necessary tools to have a fulfilling musical journey. I want to foster all of my students' love for music and help them grow as individuals, musicians, and artists. One must work with a student's own learning style, pace, and way of understanding and performing musical concepts. This individualized approach allows the student to grow naturally, having their pianistic experience tailored to them. I offer a well-rounded and holistic approach to the piano that builds keyboard proficiency, confidence, and technical skill, addresses optimal and efficient use of the body at the piano, and incorporates fulfilling repertoire according to the student's level, interest, and ability.  

 I teach piano because I feel that, through it, I can help students to understand the potential they have to make a difference in their own lives and of the people around them. Piano lessons are no longer a one-way conversation from teacher to student, but an avenue to explore the different facets of life.  Whether it is watching a student plan to communicate a clever story through their music, discussing parallels between music and life, or observing a student put in the consistent effort it takes to do something worthwhile, it is a joy for me to witness the "golden" moments each student has at the keys. Being a close participant in every one of their journeys is truly a blessing and privilege; it is a gift to have an opportunity to share my training, knowledge, and passion in small but meaningful ways to influence the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and contributors in society. For my students, it is a way I can share with them that 'these lines and dots are not the music - YOU are!'" - Natalie 


"Natalie is friendly, knowledgeable and great with my son. She prioritizes making learning piano enjoyable and has done a great job building a relationship with him and building his confidence as he learns. I recommend her without reservation!" - Sara H.

" For my 60th birthday I gave myself a piano and with no prior training, Natalie was strongly recommended to me as an instructor.  I have been so pleased with her teaching skills, infectious enthusiasm, and upbeat approach.  She’s made learning to play piano a positive experience for me.  - Audie G., PhD

"Natalie is very knowledgeable in recognizing aspects of a player's technique that need improvement, and in introducing repertoire that will expand the pianist's ability. Natalie taught me to approach pieces with color, focus, and effective practice strategies. I highly recommend utilizing Natalie's expertise in piano, teaching, and musicianship!" - Justin L.

"My two girls are two years apart and have different ways of learning and memorizing, yet Natalie has found individual ways to work with both of them.  They are progressing in their music learning. We are happy we have found a great teacher for our kids." - Yelena S.

"Natalie is amazing with young piano players! They adore her and she keeps them highly motivated to practice and always do their best. She's creative and adapts her teaching style to their learning style." - Heather G.

 "Natalie's love and enthusiasm for the piano is infectious; I left our lessons buoyed by her energy and inspired.  Natalie quickly diagnosed my challenges and provided me with insightful and actionable guidance to improve my musicality." - Danica S.