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Pianist, musician, and entrepreneur Natalie Doughty currently resides in Virginia, in the Shenandoah Valley. While her background is in piano performance, Natalie is passionate about holistic pedagogy, education as a process (rather than a product), arts integration projects, and community engagement.


In Spring 2019, Natalie was awarded an "Arts for Education" grant from the Arts Council of the Valley for a collaborative project that she envisioned - "Expressions of Home." In this project, local piano students and art students from John Wayland Elementary School collaborated together to create musical and artistic pieces that represented their idea of home (the arts students using recycled H.H. materials from past job sites), and benefit Central Valley Habitat for Humanity. The project was documented and exhibited in Rockingham County/Downtown Harrisonburg during Fall 2019.

Natalie is also involved in administration and leadership beyond her own ventures. In 2017, Natalie was invited to serve as director and instructor for the JMU Music Academy, a program offered by the JMU School of Music that offers recreational group music classes to adults in the local community. She also currently serves as President of the Harrisonburg Music Teacher's Association. 

Natalie has co-authored and delivered four presentations at the MTNA National Collegiate Chapters Symposium: “Beyond The Hand Position: Teaching Injury Preventive Piano Technique to Young Students" (2017), "In and Out: Two Millennials, The Collegiate Experience, and The Real World" (2018), "Be Your Own Boss: From Career Dreams to Business" (2018), and "Not Just Fun and Games: Strategic Design for Significant Learning" (2019, hosted at her alma mater, JMU). In July 2019, Natalie co-presented at the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy (NCKP) in Lombard, Illinois.


Aside from her own studio, Natalie Doughty Music LLC, Natalie is a founding member of the artistic educational trio Pianocologie, whose objective is to promote innovation and accessibility in the musical pedagogy field through workshops, performances, and other events. From 2017-2018, Pianocologie has successfully given five workshops for local music students, including "Music: Art in Motion" and "First Steps to Artistry" (featured at JMU's inaugural pre-college piano day). In 2019, they were invited to lead a kids' workshop at Walkertown Library in North Carolina.


After completing her Bachelors of Music degree summa cum laude in piano performance from James Madison University (Harrisonburg, Virginia) in May 2015, Natalie received scholarships to take her piano study abroad, attending the Zodiac Music Festival (Valdeblore, France), and the Dublin International Piano Festival (Dublin, Ireland). She also attended the Rebecca Penneys Piano Festival in 2016. Natalie returned to JMU for her Master’s degree in piano performance under the guidance of Dr. Lori Piitz. 

Natalie received honorable mention at the 2017 West Virginia International Piano Competition and attended the Barbara Lister-Sink Intensive Piano Technique Workshop at Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC. She has enjoyed additional masterclass coachings and private lessons with artists such as Jean Paul Sevilla, Stephen Gosling, John O’Conor, Asaf Zohar, Mirian Conti, Francine Kay, Edmund Battersby, Evelyne Brancart, Blanca Uribe, Christopher Harding, Rebecca Penneys, and Barbara Lister-Sink. In partnership with various Christian churches on the East Coast, Natalie has given four benefit concerts from 2017-2019 to raise funds for specific charities. 

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