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My name is Natalie! I am a pianist/entrepreneur living in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley.  Good reads, indie acoustic playlists, and simple living tips make me happy.  My intuition is one of the things I love about myself the most.

While I have so many interests, the piano has always been one my first loves. Pursuing that interest has enabled me to meet so many incredible people, travel to interesting places, and learn some of life's most valuable lessons.

Community is something I highly value. I am an absolute people person and love to work with other inspiring individuals to create extraordinary creative projects and learning experiences, especially when they cross over into other "fields"!

Faith plays a big role in my life. There are so many deep parallels between spiritual concepts and the artistic process. I have found it to be so enriching and rewarding to view creative projects from that perspective.

One of my goals is to inspire others to realize how relevant art and creativity are to our daily lives, and how they can impact communities and lives for the better.

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