While being a teacher and performer, Natalie is also interested in other topics such as entrepreneurship, musician wellness, and professional development. Along with her colleague Scarlette Kerr, she has presented at state and national conferences. To invite them to give a presentation/workshop, please visit the "Contact" page.

"Be Your Own Boss: From Career Dreams to Business"*


In an ever changing economic scene, musicians are choosing to become entrepreneurs and create opportunities for themselves that capitalize on their own strengths and passions. This presentation discusses current examples in the music industry as well as existing business models. Step by step processes are provided for musicians to create and incorporate their own business.

 *done in conjunction with Gianne Zhu and Jenny Jiang

"In & Out: Two Millennials, The Collegiate Experience, and The Real



Many collegiate music students are so intent on practicing that they are not prepared for life after graduation. Using their own experiences, Natalie Doughty and Scarlette Kerr provide 5 key strategies that collegiate musicians or young professionals can implement to make the most of their time as a music major to better prepare for a professional life post-graduation.

"Beyond the Hand Position: Teaching Principles of Injury Preventive

 Piano Technique to Young Students"


In order to combat the high-risk for injury among pianists, this presentation seeks to educate pianists in basic bio-mechanical principles of the body, including correct body mapping, proper alignment, and somatic awareness. After discussing some common problem areas for tension and injury, helpful strategies (based off of the Barbara Lister-Sink Method) are given so that teachers can develop holistic bodily awareness and healthy technique with their young or beginning piano students.

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