Fun and Challenging Games, Improvisation, Technique

Study of Theory & General Music History

Performance, Musicianship, Artistry



While the essential piano lesson has many components, Natalie offers a holistic teaching approach by incorporating not only keyboard skills, theory, and repertoire into lessons but also general music history, critical thinking games, improvisation, and whole-body technique. As a teacher, she enjoys fun and engaging activities that bring energy and life to lessons and invite organic musicianship. Lessons are typically given once a week in 30, 45, or 60 minute increments. For more information, please contact Natalie for lesson availability and rates.


"Natalie's love and enthusiasm for the piano is infectious; I left our lessons buoyed by her energy and inspired.  Natalie quickly diagnosed my challenges and provided me with insightful and actionable guidance to improve my musicality."

- Danica S.



"Natalie is very knowledgeable in recognizing aspects of a player's technique that need improvement, and in introducing repertoire that will expand the pianist's ability. Natalie helped me eliminate pain in my forearms and taught me to approach pieces with color, focus, and effective practice strategies. I highly recommend utilizing Natalie's expertise in piano, teaching, and musicianship!"

- Justin L.



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